How to up-cycle outdoor seats cont.

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3 min readMar 31, 2022


After the successful renovation of the outside stools I embarked on the complete lounge setting. Following the same process, just on a larger scale. The original lounge chair was green with winter moss and mould growing wild and rusting underneath the plastic rattan. All required removal.

You will need some basic tools:

I used a pair of kitchen scissors to cut as much plastic rattan away from the frame as possible. Not difficult, just messy.

You can then remove all the little annoying metal tack that held the rattan in place. I used a flat head screwdriver and pliers. Again, not a hard job, just a little time-consuming.

Then comes the messy part removing all the flaking paint and rust from the metal frame. I used a metal file and then gave up and bought some wire brush heads attached to a drill. This speeds up this process, but please ensure you wear safety glasses and a mask because this is super messy.

Once all the old flaking paint and rust are removed, you can start the fun part. Choose an all-purpose metal paint that will not need a primer. My project was so rusty I gave the frame four coats over several days.

Now it is time to put on the timber. I used a marine grade ply. I also found an excellent timber shop in Claygate where the team will cut your wood to your needs. I needed to measure my chair and the individual sizes of timber I would need, and they did the rest. Once home, lightly sand the edges, then paint with a dark oak stain followed by a couple of coats of boast varnish.

Stick each timber panel down with Gorilla Grip glue. Use clamps and tape to keep the timber in place overnight. All that needed to be done to finish was add the old cushions after a wash.
Add some sunshine a good book, and a G&T, and I will be a happy person.

From this to this for under £200 to change an old rusty plastic rattan lounge into something a little more contemporary. Not perfect, but a lot better than the rusty mess at the start.


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