How to keep fruit and vegetables fresh

Washing your fruit and veg will ensure it is safer to eat and it will also last longer.

Fill the kitchen sink with cool fresh water. Starting with the items that are the least dirty place them in the water and give them a good rub over. Rinse in running water, and place on a clean tea towel to dry. Repeat this for all the fruit and vegetables and change the water when needed.

To store items in the fridge, place a clean dry tea towel at the bottom of the fridge crisper and place the clean dried vegetables and fruit on top of the cloth. It is important to change this cloth every week.

How to store fruit and veg:





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For a more comprehensive look at washing and storing fruits and vegetables, have a look at this link to the NHS guidelines [1] on stopping cross contamination.

[1] “How to wash fruit and vegetables”, NHS

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