How to keep shower curtains and glass screens clean and fresh

Shower Curtains

Machine wash every two weeks with washing powder and distilled white vinegar added to the fabric softener area. This should help to keep your curtain mould free, smelling fabulous and looking fresh. If they are still getting a little mouldy or smelly then soak in distilled white vinegar for a few hours and machine wash.

Glass Shower Screens

There is no need to buy a special cleaning products just for glass. For an everyday wash, spray with a 50% Castile soap and 50% water mix then wipe clean. Try using a soft scouring cloth, and rinse and buff dry. Adding essential oils to your soap mix ensure your bathroom is left smelling lovely.

For a deeper clean removing built up limescale and mould use 80% distilled white vinegar mixed with 20% rose water. Spray the affected areas and wipe away. If there is a large build up of limescale, soak for a while then clean.

To finish add a couple of drops of your favourite essentail oil to the shower or bath and leave to infuse into the room.

  • White vinegar spray (mix 80% vinegar with 20% floral water)
  • Castile soap mix (50% Castiel soap 50% water)
  • Essential oils (your choice)

Don’t forget to leave bathroom windows open or keep the vent on for a while to help circulate the air.

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