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2 min readMay 2, 2023


‘Anyone for Tennis’: The Story of a Sustainable Sculpture

Tennis has been a popular sport for centuries, and as with any sport, it has its own set of equipment. Over the years, tennis rackets have evolved significantly in terms of design, materials used, and technology incorporated.
In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards sustainable living and repurposing of materials. This trend has found its way into this sculpture, “Anyone for Tennis”.
“Anyone for Tennis” has been created using upcycled 1970s timber tennis rackets. The strings of the rackets have been removed. The first racket has been painted black with a gold leaf figure relaxing in a seated position within the head of the racket. The sculpture stands up with a cream rope wound handle. The second sculpture is the opposite of the first, with the racket covered in gold leaf and the seated figure in the head of the racket painted black. The sculptures can be displayed together as a pair or individually.
The creation of “Anyone for Tennis” was dreamt up by Mrs Faff with thoughts of Wimbledon just around the corner. She came up with the idea of using old tennis rackets as a base for their sculpture, and the project took off from there.
The first step in creating “Anyone for Tennis” was sourcing the old tennis rackets. These ones were found locally.

The strings were removed, and both rackets were sanded down to create a smooth surface for painting.
Next came the painting. Racket one was painted black, and racket two was painted black and covered in gold leaf.

The seated figure within the racket head was inspired by the relaxing nature of tennis, a sport often associated with leisure and fun.

The creation of “Anyone for Tennis” was a labour of love. The use of upcycled materials not only gave the sculptures a unique character but it also helped reduce waste and promote sustainability. The sculptures serve as a reminder of the importance of repurposing and the endless possibilities for creativity when working with reclaimed materials.
In conclusion, “Anyone for Tennis” is a beautiful and sustainable sculpture that showcases the possibilities of upcycling and the importance of sustainable living.



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